Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thoughts Become Things so make them count and make them good.

Thoughts Become Things

You attract what you

are willing to accept.

And you are willing to accept

that with which you

are the most familiar.

You are the most familiar with

the things upon which you focus

the energy of your thoughts.

So where are you directing

those thoughts in this moment?

Are your thoughts filled with worry

about what you do not want?

Then you'll soon grow to accept

those undesirable things as inevitable

and attract them into your life.

Instead, fill your thoughts with

eager anticipation for the good

and desirable things

you know are possible.

That will open you to

accept those blessings,

and they will then

flow into your life.

Through your thoughts

you become familiar

with life's various possibilities.

Through your thoughts

you convince yourself to

accept and embrace

certain specific possibilities.

With your thoughts,

become intimately familiar with

the exact details of the life

you wish to lead.

And those details will surely

assemble themselves

into the meaningful life you seek.

~Ralph Marston

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The New World Order Is Not New (The Money Masters)

Get informed on what is really going on in our world and at the same time learn to love yourself and everyone else unconditionally and you will be ok.

The Zionist Crypto Frankist illuminati

Important videos concerned citizens should watch.

Monday, November 3, 2008

What my life is about so far.

What my life is about so far.
Current mood: melancholy
Category: Life

For anyone that knows me and has known me for a while, it is obvious that I am never not alone. Most people that know me have never even known me to have any kind of relationship with anyone besides just friends. There is a reason for this and that reason is deeply connected to other lifetimes. If it was not for my belief in reincarnation and my visions of other lifetimes, I would not be alive. I could not have made it through the intense pain that I have gone through and still to this day go through. I have just learned to channel the pain into love because anger is just hidden pain and pain is just hidden love. When it comes right down to it my pain is just the result of the cirmcumstances that surrond an intense love. Those cirmcumstances include many regrets and youthful indescretions. The subject of which I am trying write a book about but reliving this pain is very hard because it still effects me intensely after 14 years. I have always had a feeling that my success lies in the publishing of this work. It better have for the amount of suffering it is taking to put all my notes and chapters together. My main goal of the book is too make a movie out of it. Although most writers probably want this, for me it is something that has to happen-I will work towards this goal until the day I die, but pain holds me back from finishing it. It is a double edged sword, everyone has to suffer for their art.

For the first time since I moved to Seattle I am going to be honest about why I moved here. I moved to Seattle to get as far away as I could from New York City and the person that plagues my heart. But I should of known that it was not going to work, as a matter of fact, it made it worse. If I only I had listened to my inner voice a week before I moved because that little voice told me to wait. I didn't listen because everything had all ready been set in motion and I was too embarassed and dumb to back down from my plan of evasion. Big mistake.

Now Seattle has not been all that bad, just not all that good. There are many things that I accomplished that I would not have accomplished in Connecticut, but that one reason I ran away was now hurting me more than ever. If only I could see divine mother's plan for me but all I can see is the love in my heart that will not let me be. This is what happens when you are with the same person over 1000's and 1000's of lifetimes. Maybe that is why they say-"Diversfy your profile". I put all my eggs in one basket. For all you new souls out there, take my advice and diversfy your love life.

Pray that you never have to feel this way. Be blessed with a new soul because us old souls die the hardest. To thine own self be true.

I know that many of you here in the NW are younger souls and this is why we do not hit it off very good. I could go on bashing the hardcore scene here for days, but I forgive and forget your nastiness. I have bigger shits to take. There is only one person that I love more than myself-only one. I love myself...a lot and that means I love this person even more. You can only imagine the pain I go through everyday. Why do you think I am not so fun to be around. I always just want to wear a frown and believe me it is not at all fun being enternally sad. I know that suicide is not the answer and drugs only make me feel better for a moment. There is no magic wand to take away my frown.

The truth shall set you free, only after it causes you an awful lot of pain. There are patches of enlightenment that get me through the day, but not until the karma of my pain is resolved, will I find true self realization and enlightenment. I await that day.

Peace be with you.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Legend of Atlantis - It´s Time to Wake Up -Part 18 of 25

There is a lot of great information in tis video. what I believe is contained in this video and the whole series called The Legend of Atlantis. To watch the whole series goto:


Secret Footage of Moon Base Delta.

This is a video that was suppose to be shot by the astronauts that went to the moon. This is the footage NASA does not want you to see!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kim Punkrock On TCM

Video about me from Turner Classic Movies.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Message from the Aliens that are watching out for Earth.

There are times where the sky is burning; -- there are times where the earth is torn apart, oceans flood the country and thousands lose their lives; there are times, where mothers are forever separated from their children, times, where lovers see each other for the last time, friends say definitely good-bye and the dearest die in a blazing inferno. There are times, where the hope for a safe future is robbed by the greed for power. Times, where a fanatic philosophy of life strangles the desire for love, hate abandons the endeavor for living harmoniously together and the will to kill is stronger than the will to respect and to protect the splendor of the gift of life.

In spite of these times of darkness and madness, never forget to smile if you have the possibility; never forget to be amazed when the sun rises behind the horizon and a new day is dawning. Never forget to love yourself and the ground whereupon you stand. Never forget your own name and who you are. Don’t forget that you are a human being born into this world to live a unique life, never to be experienced a second time like this. Every day there are green sprouts breaking through the burned earth to announce a new beginning -- don’t forget to be grateful for this.

There are many cultures on this earth, many peoples and ethnic groups. All are different from each other. All have another understanding of this world and all have their own philosophy. Some of these philosophies drastically differ in their content whereas others differ only a little. Some of them correspond, others contradict one another. Many people and many doctrines. An ardent disciple will follow his doctrine eagerly. A fanatical disciple will follow his doctrine fanatically. But what does ‘fanatical’ mean? It means that two human beings can’t talk in friendship anymore about their opinions. It means that they don’t shake hands if they meet in the desert but that they try to strangle each other, and it means that they would rather die than ask for help from the other.

Fanaticism is an epidemic that spreads quickly. The one who becomes infected will soon communicate it to others. It is a blazing fire that spreads among people, that consumes reason and eliminates their view for variety allowing themselves to be intolerant of opposing beliefs. Fanaticism is like an arrow that races through the air towards its destination. Never would it stop voluntarily. Never would it deviate from its path and never would it let go of its sharp point. Finally it bores deep into its target and nobody can ever pull it out again.

Lots of those people live on our planet. Blindly they fight for their ideas, caught up in an ideal for which they can’t let go of. Neither do they respect the life of their fellow creatures nor do they respect their own life. Stringently they follow the path on which they once decided to go on. On the paths that they walk you’ll find great harm. On the streets where their armies march you’ll find emptiness.

Who has seen them will ask himself how one can be so ruthless, so mad and so devilish. Upon their deeds you’ll become infuriated but at the same time there will be deep mourning. It is the mourning of the victims. A mourning of those who have lost their families and their friends; the mourning that people on earth can’t exist next to each other in peace, that it is impossible to solve a conflict without using force. Everybody will look inside themselves and understand that nothing is built for eternity, nothing lasts forever, that there is no safety and no protection against the fatal ideas of the obsessed revolutionaries and world-changers. You’ll understand how fragile the dream of an undamaged world is, and how quickly the most wonderful palaces and buildings can lie in ashes. The wonders of the forests, lakes and the landscapes -- these unique great creations -- can be bombed and burned down within a few seconds. And the mourning will move everybody and tears will fill the oceans.

But this mourning has a seed inside that starts growing profusely from the tears that water it, and the plant gets bigger and more powerful. It is here hate finds good soil. Like mist it surrounds the thoughts, it stuns like the smoke of opium, and in the giddiness of hate the desire for retribution gets stronger and the will to take revenge substitutes reason. The victims aren’t victims anymore but avengers and they become so engrossed in their plan to hunt down the originator of their suffering that their senses are clouded and their sympathy is numbed but their mad ideas are powerful and drives them unstoppably, relentlessly -- they turn fanatical.

The circle is closed.

The sky will burn and the earth will shake. Armies will fight against each other without knowing what they are fighting for, without knowing what they are dying for, without knowing why they live. Stop this war! Don’t let madness determine your action! Decide wisely and just!

Defend yourselves if you are attacked, but don’t kill without reason. Be consistent with your resolutions but only go so far as it is necessary. Fight for your rights and your freedom but don’t do this at the cost of innocent lives. Live your life as you think it is good but don’t forget that there are lots of people with many lives. Be free in the things you do, but still allowing everybody to breath in their own personal space. Believe what you need to believe, but don’t put your belief above that of others. Be patriots in your own country but also think about being a citizen of earth. Say your opinion but don’t say it so loud that you are unable to hear others. And whatever you do don’t forget that no crime stays unpunished; that’s why you shouldn’t act like criminals but like brothers and sisters sitting in a small boat and sailing towards an unknown country. There are lots of dangers out there, but you are your own biggest danger. Don’t let the boat capsize. Row gently down the stream of life ...

Atlant Bieri


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Resist The New World Order!

Wake up America-the forces of evil have taken over the gov't and have for the past 2000 years.

All of the wars were manipulated by people within this country and Europe. All of them. I implore you to research the things that I am telling you.

Listen to the Alex jones Radio Show live and streaming all day at :

Check out:

Watch this movie.
I will post many more in the days to come.

Endgame-Blueprint for Global Enslavement

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Guru's thought of the day.

All are children of God. He is the sole Lord of mankind. People may seem to differ in their names and forms and in their beliefs and practices. But the source is the One alone. Recognition of this basic truth of oneness is Knowledge of the Absolute. This knowledge cannot be gained by merely studying the scriptures and holding metaphysical discussions. What has to be recognized is the truth that every being in the universe is an embodiment of the Supreme. Awareness of the unity that subsumes the diversity is the highest knowledge.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poem written by my guru during the 1940's.

Do not cry, my child, do not cry.
If you cry, you will not be called a valiant son of Bharat (India).
Go to sleep, my child, go to sleep.
Did you get scared because the terrible Hitler has invaded the invincible Russia?
Go to sleep, my child, go to sleep.
Do not cry, my child, do not cry.
For the Red Army is marching under Stalin.
They will put an end to Hitler.
Then what else is the reason for your crying?
Is it because the countrymen lack unity?
All the countrymen will unite and fight to win freedom;
Go to sleep, my child, go to sleep.

sathya sai baba

I find this poem very prophetical to what is happening today. It could easily be changed around to say Bush's war on Terror, the war without an end, etc. It gives me hope that our countrymen will unite against the forces of evil and fight to win freedom. Those forces of evil are not what they tell us. Those forces of evil are right here in our own country, running our gov't and the governments of England, etc. Wake up my countrymen, wake up to the truth that they hide from us with their control of the media, politics and banking. Do not buy into the fears they try to sell us with an economic depression. It is all a lie used to trick us into being afraid so they can control us. One day stock market crash, the next day oh everything is ok. Please don't be fooled by the hidden hand in power. I sure the fuck am not.

Thoughts for the Day

God(self)-realization is possible only through control of senses and mind and by developing faith in the God within.

One need not search for spiritual power, going around the world and spending a lot of money. You can stay in your own house and develop it within yourself. You do not have to run for it hither and thither. You are not a mere man, but God Himself. Do not be under the delusion that God is residing somewhere and that you have to search for Him; God is within you.

Self-confidence is the key to God (self)-realization. Develop self-confidence. Then you can achieve anything in life.

There was a galaxy of scientists who made great inventions, but they failed to control their body and mind. Why should people pursue such scientific knowledge that would spoil their brains? Instead, one should develop one's brain, cultivate a positive outlook, and engage oneself in service to the country and society. The education you pursue must contribute to the welfare of the society. Then only can you earn name and fame and develop morality and integrity.

Develop morality. It is only then that you can realise Truth. Strive to uphold truth. Truth is the father and mother to the world. When truth and righteousness join together, peace is born. From peace, comes love. Where there is love, there is no scope for hatred. There will be no place at all for evil qualities like anger and jealousy.

It is only because people lost the noble quality of love that even brothers and sisters hate one another these days. Hence, first and foremost, develop love. There is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve by love. Love is God, live in love. Love is your life. Even an ant cannot live without love. It makes friendship with other ants while moving about. The insects too love one another.

Only the human being has lost this noble quality of love today. No doubt, a person has love inherently but is showering it on wealth and on certain individuals only. There is no use in developing such individualized love. One has to develop love for society as a whole. It is only when there is society that an individual can exist. One can live as a member of society. By living in society, one can contribute to its welfare. No other method would work.

It is said immortality is not attained through action, progeny, or wealth; it is attained only by sacrifice.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The God That You Are.

One of the biggest secrets that have been kept from us is a big one. The god that people pray too and kill under is not outside of ourselves. That god is inside of ourselves. The divine spark that gets you up in the morning, that falls in love, that hates, that works, that creates is the god within. We create our lives. Every thing you do, say and think not only effects your body and soul but it also effects those around us in ways that even I cannot imagine.

This blog is going to be covering many subjects encompassing the world, the universe, the body, the soul and what goes on behind the scenes of this movie we call life on planet earth. Everything that we do is learning and it is leading us to the truth that will set us free. Life is a dream, it is time to realize it. I am talking to all of you. We have all been hurt in our lives because of the lies that we are brainwashed and programed to believe. Not one of us is free from pain whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual everyone has their share of pain.

Knowing that you create the world you live in can do a world of difference in your everyday life. The thoughts we think lead to the actions we make leading to the situations in our lives. I am learning too. In no way, shape or form do I proclaim to be an expert or a guru, I am just not a novice. So while I struggle along the path with the things I have learned and are learning, I am going to pass them down to everyone that cares enough to read this blog. I am on the path to enlightenment and I am taking you with me whether you like it or not. Just being around someone on the path to self-realization effects your spirit/soul raising the vibration or energy. Therefore the more people that live the truth, the oneness that we are, the more the world will begin to change. The darkness comes from the thoughts of millions of people being negative.

I look forward to sharing with you some great stuff that will enhance your life whether you are a Christian or an atheist or any other organized religion. All religions are one. You do not need "religion" to be self realized. God is within us, not some all consuming power outside of our selves. It is time you learned about the God That You Are.