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The David Icke Newsletter, July 18th 2010



The odds of dying in hospital from 'human error' are 33,000 times greater than the risk of dying in an air crash

Hello all ...

It's been one of those weeks when the widespread incompetence of 'modern medicine' and 'qualified doctors' has been emphasised for me yet again.

My son, Gareth, has been treated for an eye problem for two years at St Mary's Hospital here on the Isle of Wight - a place where far too many people go to be 'cured' only to come out either worse or in a coffin.

They 'treated' him for an eye condition they said threatened his sight - imagine living with that as a young guy all that time. They told him the retina was being eaten away by a virus that was incurable.

At his wedding a few weeks ago, one of the guests was connected to the eye clinic and noticed his eyes. She said that he should get treatment, to which he replied to her great surprise: 'I've been coming to your clinic for two years!'

She immediately arranged for him to see a consultant, something he had apparently been denied before by the gross incompetents he had been dealing with. The consultant took seconds to diagnose the problem - an infection of the whites of the eyes that was not a threat to his sight and could be cured in a matter of weeks.

The whole diagnosis had been wrong from the start and the sad thing is that hundreds of millions of people around the world would not be in the least bit shocked by that because of their own experience of the Big Pharma-controlled medical system.

Certainly large numbers of people on the Isle of Wight will not be at all surprised that this happened at St Mary's, a microcosm of the macrocosm - and then some. 'Typical!', would be a common response.

Last weekend my other son, Jaymie, went there to check out a finger he had injured while playing cricket. He was told that it was broken and he should report to the fracture clinic on the Monday morning. When he did, another doctor said it was not broken at all.

This may seem a milder example of incompetence, but it is another sign of the culture of the hospital in so many people's experience and that can have literally fatal consequences.

Gareth's wife, Dominique, her mother and brothers, had to suffer the indescribable agony of seeing her father, Wayne, die at St Mary's through a catalogue of basic errors by the staff that were exposed in an inquiry in which the hospital admitted 16 counts of negligence over three days.

Wayne was admitted to St Mary's with a very minor stroke in 2003 and the next day seemed fine and okay to leave. But 24 hours later he had a massive stroke/seizure for four hours and was put on a life support machine. A day later it was switched off. He was dead.

Dominque's mother took the case to an Independent Review Panel, which found the following:

* The ward was cramped and overcrowded and run by one junior doctor. St Mary's response was that 'we know it's cramped so we try to get patients through the system as quickly as possible'.

* Wayne was not seen by a cardiologist even though he was diagnosed with very high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, and irregular heart beat. St Mary's said there were three cardiologists on call and, wait for this, they try to ensure that one is on the island at all times, but this can be 'hit and miss'.

* Wayne should have been given a CT scan or echocardiogram to check the state of his heart, but this did not happen. St Mary's said that 'consultant radiologists decide on scans and it was up to the junior doctors to contact them and request one, but they don't always make a good case'. The hospital admitted to a lack of care, no communication, and that the scan should have been urgent from the start.

* During Wayne's seizure half the medication necessary was not available and he could not be sedated. Even so, it was two hours before they called an anaesthetist who then took a further two hours to arrive to sedate him and order the brain scan.

* Wayne was prescribed an anticoagulant drug that prevents clots and lowers blood pressure, but he was not given it because the hospital had 'run out'. This was never reported in the medical notes.

St Mary's admitted to:

* Failure to give urgent scans required
* Not giving Wayne the medication he urgently required
* Not monitoring his heart when urgently required
* Not giving any treatment at all
* Complete lack of communication
* Lack of drugs needed to sedate
* No cardiologist present
* Anaesthetist arrived too late
* General breach of duty

The review concluded that if the scans had been done and anticoagulant medication given immediately to control heart rate and thin his blood the stroke that killed Wayne would not have happened.

As a specialist at another hospital told his wife: 'If Wayne had walked into my hospital he would have walked out alive.'

When Wayne's family wanted to take the matter further they found that two pages of his medical notes were missing and when these turned up six months later they were the pages that revealed how a drug prescribed as urgent wasn't given.

Not only do hospitals kill and maim people, they then close ranks to protect themselves from the consequences. You have three years to claim a case against the hospital before it becomes invalid and it took two years and 51 weeks for St Mary's to hand over the brain scan details that Wayne's family needed for the case. All coldly calculated.

This gave them just a week to decide if they would take the hospital to court and they decided against it because, had they failed to win, Wayne's wife would have lost her home because of legal costs.

Had they gone ahead, the state-funded hospital would have been able to use taxpayers money to defend itself against the charges of gross negligence that killed a man who should never have died.

Talk about the system being rigged.

Other St Mary's horror stories that I picked up this week from health professionals include:

The patient who went to St Mary's for a simple test, but the needle broke. Two days later they amputated his right leg; a day later they amputated his left leg because of gangrene and the next day he died, aged 58.

Another patient went to St Mary's casualty department and was prescribed blood-thinning drugs. He told them that he was already on a blood thinner called Warfarin, but they said it was absolutely fine to take both. He went home, took one of the new pills, and bled to death in the chair.

The late Dr Tom Chalmers, a distinguished medical researcher, had it right when he said: 'If doctors died with their patients, they'd take a great deal more care.'

I am not saying there are no good doctors or medical staff at St Mary's hospital, or that it does not do some good work, but there are enough breathtaking examples of Keystone Cop incompetence - far more than enough - for the place to deserve a government health warning.

'Hello, St Mary's.'

But it is not alone worldwide, it's often more like the norm. A former professional health investigator in the UK told me:

'Oh my God the death rate in hospitals is monumental. When I was in investigation the death rate ran into tens of thousands through incompetence alone. I mean 6,000 people die of malnutrition in these places every year, and drug reactions probably claim another 70,000 lives.

Another thing - over 20,000 people don't even wake up from anaesthetics each year in the UK hospitals alone. The stats speak for themselves, and I've got shelves full of them. That's why when medics go on strike the death rate drops between 17.5% and 24% in under two weeks.'

What he says is supported by report after report in country after country. In the United States, doctors and other medical staff are the third biggest cause of death after heart disease and cancer with upwards of a quarter of a million people dying in US hospitals every year from unnecessary surgery, medication and other errors, the effects of the drugs given to 'help' them, and infections picked up in hospital.

This photograph was taken on a British hospital ward

Not only that, it is getting worse with the number of British patients killed by hospital 'mistakes' rising by 60 per cent in two years according to figures released in 2009. The Patients Association has said that one in every 300 patients in the state-funded National Heath Service (NHS) are killed because of a medical blunder - one in 300!

The House of Commons Health Committee was told that the number of patients who suffer some kind of harm in hospitals is as high as one in ten!

The mistakes include carrying out the wrong operation on patients, administering the wrong drugs, leaving instruments inside people after operations and failing to put up bars to stop patients falling out of bed.

Nurse, have you seen my scissors?

Oh, yes, and that big long thing, so big you couldn't possibly miss it ...

Figures show that at least two patients a week in the UK are leaving hospital with surgical instruments still inside them as a result of botched operations. In a three-year period taxpayers had to pay out £4.3 million in a series of successful claims against the NHS for leaving 'foreign bodies' under their skin.

They have included swabs, a catheter, a metal clip and a contraceptive coil, according to data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Professor Trevor Sheldon, the author of a study published in the British Medical Journal, estimated that 90,000 people a year are killed and nearly a million harmed by hospital mistakes in England alone. He said that a stay in hospital is 'as risky as bungee jumping'.

He also said that 'this is not specific to the NHS, one finds this in many health-care systems around the world.'

This is no more dangerous than going into hospital.

Even the enormous figures that are quoted here are nothing like the full picture because of how many fatal errors go unreported and are buried with the patient. Peter Walsh of the charity, Action Against Medical Accidents, pointed out that the figure of 90,000 dead and a million harmed does not include incidents in General Practice, ambulance trusts or mental health and covers only England.

The true figures nationally and globally must take the breath away and every one leaves a family devastated.

A 15-year-old girl in Scotland was given 'huge' overdoses of radiation 17 times at the Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow, Britain's second largest specialist cancer centre, which treats 8,000 new patients a year.

'Doctors' said that she could be brain damaged or paralysed and confined to a wheelchair for life, or die. The authorities described the mistake as 'human error' - what 17 times??

A mother lost four members of her family to negligence and incompetence at what was described as Britain's 'horror hospital' in Stafford in the English Midlands.

Kelsey Lintern's baby, and her sister, uncle and grandmother all died there within 18 months through incompetence and/or neglect at the hospital and Kelsey almost became the fifth victim when a nurse tried to give her a medicine that would have killed her.

Her baby, Nyah, was discharged despite being blue and having holes in her heart; her sister, Laurie Gethin, 37, did not have her cancer diagnosed until it was too late and her dead body was left for hours in a bloodied bed in full view of the ward; her uncle, Tom Warriner, 48, died in his own vomit and faeces after his stomach was accidentally pierced in an operation; and her grandmother, Lilian Wood Latta, 80, was hungry, dehydrated and left in her own excrement during her final days.

The Healthcare Commission revealed that up to 1,200 patients died because of the hospital's 'appalling' standards.

'Where does this bit go? ...'

One report based on confidential data from the NHS Litigation Authority said that the NHS is facing compensation claims totalling £4.5 billion for alleged errors by midwives and doctors that have left babies suffering severe brain damage.

Three-quarters of that figure pertains to incidents in which a child has developed cerebral palsy, brain damage often caused by being starved of oxygen during birth, or has been disabled in some way. The rest relates to 'other brain damage'.

The stories go on and on and on in country after country.

Medical mistakes are the biggest cause of 'accidental death' in the United States and more Americans die from medical errors every month than died in the attacks of 9/11.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study estimated that 99,000 patients a year die from hospital-acquired infections and 98,000 people die from preventable medical errors.

We now have the ludicrous situation in Britain in which doctors coming into the country from the rest of the European Union cannot be checked for competence, nor even the ability to speak English, because of EU laws.

This has led to inevitable tragedies, including the case of Daniel Ubani, a German doctor unfamiliar with the British system, the English language or the painkillers he was prescribing. The result was an overdose that killed the patient.

What we call 'modern medicine' (or rather pharmaceutical cartel 'medicine') is founded on major misconceptions anyway because the system and its hacks, or 'doctors', don't understand the true nature of the body or our reality in general.

This is why (a) they are so limited in their ability to heal and leave so much mayhem in their wake, and (b) they ridicule other forms of healing that are much closer to understanding the vibrational nature of the body and how it consists of, and is constantly affected by, vibrational/waveform encoded information.

Drugs have so many 'side effects' (no, effects, nothing 'side' about them) because they chemically distort, and therefore vibrationally distort, the body's information blueprint. This distortion manifests as dis-ease, vibrational disharmony, and death.

The Shen Clinic on the Isle of Wight, run by my great friend Mike Lambert, is referred patients by open-minded doctors within the NHS and has had some remarkable results using acupuncture alone - acupuncture works with the body's energetic information system.

A one year NHS audit found that of the patients referred to the Shen for acupuncture, where conventional treatments were not helping, 29 per cent had recovered, 66 per cent reported a significant improvement and overall 95 per cent said they had experienced a better sense of wellbeing.

And that was just with acupuncture, not all the other disciplines available there. No wonder the Big Pharma/government cartels are desperately introducing laws that target alternative methods of healing with so many people now rejecting the killing fields of establishment medicine for another approach.

It is our body and we should decide how we wish to be treated - not some white coat or dark suit playing god for the pharmaceutical conspirators who have a vested interest in human sickness, both for the multi-billions involved and for the cull of the global population that has long been in the Illuminati timeline.

Doctors are not gods, as they have been perceived so often in the past. They are, with honourable exceptions, computer programs encoded with their medical 'perceptions' by the controlled medical schools and the carrot and stick, reward and punishment techniques of the medical hierarchy.

Stay in line and you will be well rewarded; speak the truth, as with Dr Andrew Wakefield and his questions about vaccines and autism, and they will strike you off.

People who go to hospital or see other medical doctors and staff of any kind must ask questions, demand a second opinion or even a third and if they think that they or someone else is not getting the right treatment they need to scream the roof off.

We should treat everything they do with suspicion until proved otherwise - the figures for death and destruction by the medical profession demand it.

The same goes for the alternative sector, too, but those with the scalpel and the drug have the potential to be far more dangerous, as we have seen.

I don't go to doctors anymore, I go to healers who know what they are doing, and there is a fundamental difference between the two.

There was a famous television programme about hospital doctors when I was a kid nearly 50 years ago called Your Life In Their Hands.

To think that this is true, given the calibre of many of them, is a bloody nightmare, but we don't have to give that power to these people any more. Our bodies belong to us - not them - and to best express that freedom we need to get informed

Never was the phrase 'knowledge is power' more relevant than with our own health and never more so than today.


The David Icke Newsletter, July 25th 2010



Hello all ...

I had a long talk this week with a lady - I will call her 'B' - who detailed her abuse as a child and young woman by the royal, political, business and 'show-biz' 'elite' of the British establishment and elsewhere, including places like Saudi Arabia (of course), the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

She was extremely lucid, intelligent and credible and described a network of families and others across the whole spectrum of public life that she called 'the Group'.

This involves leading members of the British royal family, including the Queen and Prince Philip, prime ministers, and sometimes their wives, leading politicians past and present, businessmen, doctors, dentists, lawyers, barristers and 'stars' from the entertainment world that everyone in Britain would know. She said that 'the Group' also included - includes - a number of people who work for the BBC.

'B' told me about the Satanic technique of 'swapping' children at birth and handing them to another family, usually other members of the same family, the father's uncle or the mother's aunt and so on. The children then have a 'natural' father or mother who become their official uncle and aunt while the real uncle and aunt become the official parents.

She was born in South Africa and brought up at first on a 'baby farm' where young children born into 'the Group' spent their early years.

'B' said that one of 'the Group's' major bases has been the area in and around the village of Whitchurch-on-Thames just across the river from Reading in Berkshire, around 50 miles west of London.

Whitchurch-on-Thames is just a few miles north-west of Reading and 'B' says that her abuse took place at many locations in this area, including country mansions. You can see that Windsor Castle is not far away to the east, and to the north and north-east
are both High Wycombe and Slough which are close to other locations where 'B' suffered ritual abuse.

A few miles from Slough is the area known as Burnham Beeches, owned by the City of London financial district, which has appeared in my books many times over the years with regard to reports of Satanism and reptilian shape-shifting entities (see The Biggest Secret).

'B' says that one of her abusers in 'the Group' had a house that backed on to Burnham Beeches and it was in this area of woodland that the wife of a former park 'warden', who she said was a Satanist, reported seeing the former British prime minister, Ted Heath, taking part in a Satanic ritual.

Burnham Beeches, with the flying reptile logo of the City of London financial district, one of the global centres for the Illuminati secret society network, Satanism and paedophilia.

Down the road from High Wycombe is West Wycombe, home to the caves of the infamous and Satanic Hellfire Club established by British government minister and aristocrat, Francis Dashwood. He had the apparently natural caves extended in the 1740's to become the headquarters of his Hellfire Club.

This was a Satanic grouping that included royalty, senior aristocrats and 'statesmen' and they performed their sacrifice rituals in the caves. They are now a 'tourist attraction' during the day and I have been there.

Rarely have I felt such evil - you could almost see the demonic entities, never mind just feel them.

Dashwood became Chancellor of the Exchequer, in charge of the nation's finances, and Satanists continue to control the major offices of State to this day, either directly or through their gofers.

A close friend of Dashwood and regular visitor to the caves was American independence 'hero', Benjamin Franklin. He and Dashwood (also known as Baron Le Despencer), both practicing Satanists, revised the Christian Book of Common Prayer. The irony is not lost.

The 'Banqueting Hall' in the cave complex

'B' says that she attended rituals as a child at the 'golden ball' Church of St Lawrence on top of the hill above the caves and next to the mausoleum for the Dashwood family. I have been here, too, and once again it is an incredibly 'dark' place with an atmosphere that is utterly surreal, like it is not of this world. Which it probably isn't.

The Church of St Lawrence and the Dashwood family mausoleum.

The Satanic rituals she experienced are simply horrific, but these are common themes that I have been told about all over the world in the last two decades. This is her description of just some of the rituals ... it is not for the faint-hearted:

'During my abuse the rituals involved a circle and an alter (table, stone slab). There would be many who were robed wearing masks and headdresses - some looked like
Zulu warriors, that is best way of describing it.

There would be a deep chanting and it did look like the film, Eyes Wide Shut. There would be dogs chained up with humans and the humans acted like dogs.

A scene from a ritual in Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut

Then there were the sacrifices as the victim screamed and the chanting would get louder. Everyone would get very excited, then the throat of the victim would be slashed like it was some sort of Halal.

Blood would be drunk from the victim from a sort of goblet that was used for holy communion in the church. That was when the shifting occurred and the human would like evaporate and you would see the inner form demons/lizard-type entities, but much larger than their human form would appear.

['B' said that her daughter saw her father shapeshift when he was sucking blood from a cut on a finger. Her daughter said that he made a 'growling noise' while this was happening and that 'his tongue changed'. It is a constant theme that these reptilian- human hybrid entities shapeshift when they drink blood. It is to do with its energetic effect on the DNA]

Then there was the smell. They would eat excrement and drink urine (why I do not know, it was just disgusting). They would have sex with the dead victim. and eat various body parts.

Babies were sacrificed and the victim would be clothed in white, always white. The colours they would use were black, red, purple, gold and also green. There would always be a green man there (a man with a green face, green all over). He would look like some sort of tree man.

[The Green Man is an ancient symbol used in rituals of many kinds and can be seen depicted in many churches. In the pagan religion of Wicca, the Green Man has often been used as a representation of the Horned God and some believe that it relates to the Egyptian god, Osiris, who was often depicted with a green face.]

They used lots of bird headdress so they looked like the Egyptian ones and some would have a headdress that looked half-crocodile-half-human, like the Egyptian ones on the hieroglyphs or art.

Then the sex would start, men on men, women on women, men on women, men and women torturing children and having sex with them, and sex with animals mainly horses and dogs, but also goats - yes goats for obvious reasons.

The Satanic compilation 'goat god' known as Baphomet.

There was lots of sadomasochism and they so enjoyed inflicting pain on themselves, but victims (children) too. They would also rip out the beating heart, lay it on the alter and eat it.

There would be a pool of water or containers depending on the location of the ritual and victims would be submerged in water till they almost passed out or did pass out. I personally cannot understand why, other than the fact it created terror and fear.

They would have sex in the water with the victims or each other. I just know water is very significant to them.'

'B' said that 'the Group' would travel widely abroad to places like Martha's Vineyard, off Cape Cod in New England, famous for its connection to the Kennedy family and others, and to Disneyland (of course).

Philadelphia was also of great importance to them, she said. 'B' related her abuse by many of the rich and famous of the United States, including the Clintons, which will surprise no-one who reads my books.

Another regular location was Ireland, which comes up again and again in relation to Satanism and child abuse, the same with Darlington in the north of England where 'B's' former husband was brought up.

She said that when his father wanted to get out of the Freemasons and 'the Group' he died very suspiciously and another son, the brother of 'B's' former husband, was found hanged in the bathroom at the age of 13.

It was portrayed as a 'suicide' - 'there were many "suicides", she said. Officially, the boy was found hanging in his school uniform and left a suicide note. In fact, she says, he was naked and there was no note.

'B' also talked of seeing many non-human entities during her years of ritual and abuse:

'I saw alien beings, the greys, and the other ones, the reptile type, the white-haired ones and the blond blue-eyed ones. There are so many out there aren't there?'

'B' also told me of the maze of tunnel systems under the United Kingdom, some with rail systems, others with roads, which allow the cabal to travel quickly between locations without anyone on the surface knowing.

She described how some of her abuse took place in underground military establishments connected by these tunnels, especially the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, less than ten miles from Whitchurch-on-Thames, and one of the 'Group' was connected to the Territorial Army's Brock Barracks in Reading where I note they have an appropriately-named 'Dragon Club'.


All that she told me in theme and much detail I have heard throughout the world from those who have been victims of the same global network. This is the 'blueprint' that I talk about.

What the Down's Syndrome girl, Holly Greig, has described happening to her in a Satanic ring in Aberdeen, Scotland, is what 'B' and a long stream of others have recounted to me.

In fact, 'B' says that 'the Group' based around Whitchurch-on-Thames near Reading had major connections to the North Sea oil industry and travelled often to Aberdeen. She is convinced that her 'Group' was connected to the establishment paedophile ring in Aberdeen that abused Hollie for a decade.

'B' says that she also took part in rituals at Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh in Scotland, once home to the Knight's Templar St Clair/Sinclair family, and made famous by the books, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, and The Da Vinci Code.

Rosslyn Chapel, which is well known for its many carvings of the 'Green Man' ...

I have stressed constantly that the insider cabal know far more about the nature of reality than the public are allowed to know through constant suppression of information.

They know that this 'physical' reality is holographic and they know, in league with their non-human masters, how to manipulate that knowledge for their own ends.

The 'blueprint', as I call it, works the same at all levels, from global to local community, because the Control System is holographic. Every part of a hologram is a smaller version of the whole, as I have long detailed in my books, and so every part of the Control System hologram is a smaller version of the whole - the global 'blueprint'.

No matter how many times you divide a hologram each 'piece' becomes a smaller version of the whole hologram - just like the global Control System.

To confirm just how holographic it all is, I have been in email correspondence this week with two wonderful people in Australia, Arthur and Fiona Cristian, who run the website from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales near Sydney.

With enormous synchronicity after talking with 'B', they wrote:

'There is an elaborate, extensive, sexual abuse, paedophile, ritual sacrifice, intimidation and terror network operating here in the Southern Highlands where we presently reside and its tentacles spread throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, sweeping around and through the Southern Highlands to Canberra and back around to the Far South Coast and up to the Illawarra which includes Wollongong.

The tentacles of this elaborate Satanic network spread out throughout all of Australia with obvious major hubs in major cities, smaller hubs in satellite/regional cities and even smaller ones as it hits country towns. There are many underground bases connected to all this insanity.

We have been inundated with stories from victims, all unrelated to each other, most of them were harmed or being terrorised/intimidated by sex rings, paedophile gangs, Masonic/Christian orders and other black-magic/satanic sects ... you know all this stuff ...'

Yes, I do because I have found it everywhere and I have been to 50 countries researching these and related subjects. What Fiona and Arthur said in that email could have easily come from the mouth of 'B' and the now countless other people who have told me their stories around the world.

In fact, 'B' tells me that her family and 'the Group' have big connections to New South Wales, including ownership of a major publishing company.

This is the web, the interconnecting - holographic - Satanic, secret society and paedophile rings that control governments at all levels, their agencies and departments, very much including social services, banks, big business, the oil, pharmaceutical and biotech cartels, medicine, the military, media, and so on.

Their initiates and agents are placed at all levels of these organisations, especially in the upper echelons, and they are controlling your life every day as they continue to play out their - ultimately doomed - agenda for global dictatorship.

The entities that possess them feed off the energy of children, as I said two weeks ago, and this is why so many children go missing worldwide every year and why social services across the globe are removing children from loving parents in vast numbers for outrageous reasons and placing them with families of their choice.

We need to face this because unless we acknowledge and face the problem, how are we ever going to do anything about it?

Understanding that these are the people who currently control our world is to understand why the world is awash with wars, conflict on all levels, poverty, exploitation, stress, anxiety, injustice and suffering.

This is what they want because they feed off the low-vibrational emotion that this daily generates. Satanists want the world to be full of pain, suffering, mayhem and chaos - they get off on it.

The Satanists want wars because they and their non-human masters feed off the terror, fear, death and destruction that it causes.

The Satanic cabal is moving towards its endgame now and this was another aspect of Fiona and Arthur's email that I found especially interesting with regard to Australia.

I have had many indications over the years of the importance of Australia to the Satanic/Masonic/paedophile agenda globally, especially the region between Sydney and the capital Canberra, and Arthur and Fiona tell me that major players within the Powers That Be (PTB) are moving there in gathering numbers:

'Most of these PTB Satanists (black-magic warlocks and witches) from around the globe are moving here. Recently, while walking the dogs a man who looked just like Dick Cheney waved to Arthur as a front seat passenger in a very dusty/dirty top of the range, latest model 4 door Mercedes coming out of a remote, expensive, forested area near our home. Arthur got goose bumps all up and down the body as he smiled and waved back.

Locals not related to our work, or who know what we do, tell us regularly who they see coming and going and its a huge list of the PTB. They bypass customs, reconnecting with helicopters and small planes to come out here quietly unannounced. The air traffic at night (and day) has gradually increased over the last five years . We now hear them almost every hour in the distance, nearby or overhead.

We know that the real power players, the ones not known in the media or society, etc, are ALL moving here. Canberra is the head office of the Satanic New World Order, the Southern Highlands is one of their primary residential areas and Sydney is being set up to be one of their future economic/financial power centres of the NWO.'

I remember my own visit to Canberra when a man claiming to be a Freemason who was against the agenda showed me around the place one day and its Satanic/Masonic street plan. I found the energy of the city simply horrible, and, again, surreal.

I was told about the Australia connection a long time ago and to manipulate world affairs through there gives them a physical division from the great areas of population that could cause them trouble through sheer numbers. But it is also a very important area of land for them energetically and historically, too.

This is why, as I indicated in Human Race Get Off Your Knees, Sydney is one of the most important Satanic/Freemasonic centres in the world, not least apparently through the so-called Alpha-Lodge.

Sydney has much Satanic symbolism and here we have a man sacrificed over the Sun. This is supposed to 'commemorate' the war dead at the Sydney War Memorial. Yes, chaps, sure it does.

The good news is that holograms can be transformed via their constituent 'parts' because what effects a part effects the whole given that, in a hologram, the part is the whole and vice-versa.

We are all affecting the whole, therefore, by what we do in our own communities every day. The exposure of child stealing by the State in one area, for example, dilutes the power of that system nationally and globally.

That's why there is never nothing that we can do to make a contribution to removing the control of the Satanists at all levels and restoring the Earth to what it once was before they arrived - a place of peace, love and harmony.

That is where we are heading now, despite what we may see, but no-one said it would be easy.


The David Icke Newsletter, August 1st 2010


Hello all ...

It is one of those 'everybody knows thats' - politicians and governments lie. It is the stablemate of 'never believe what you read in the papers'.

Funny thing is, though, that people do believe what they read in the papers - including most of the very 'worldly-wise' who say that we shouldn't.

'Don't believe what you read' so often becomes 'Well, there's no smoke without fire - all the papers can't all be wrong.' Oh, but they can. Especially when they are all getting their 'information' from the same - mostly official - sources.

What's more, these 'sources' are addicted to lying. It's a drug to them. Lying is what they 'do'. It's their job. It is what they are paid for.

'What do you do?'

'I am a professional liar.'

'Oh, really, what government do you work for?'

Tony B-liar - a classic narcissist, just like Obama

It's not only politicians, either. The whole system lies. It is founded on lies, feeds off lies and perpetuates itself through lying.

What else do we expect when the system is founded on a lie - the one that says we live in a free world where the people are dictating events through their 'democratic choice'? All the other lies come from that.

The common denominator in all this is the personality-type known as 'narcissistic'. This is defined as: 'excessive admiration of oneself ... a psychological condition characterised by extreme self-preoccupation, lack of empathy and unconscious deficits in self-esteem'.

I have had narcissistic personalities in my own life over the years and I have seen how they always put themselves first, last and always without empathy or feelings for those who suffer the consequences of their actions.

I know how selfish, self-obsessed, cold and calculating they can be while claiming to be 'love and light'. It is summed up by that line in a Moody Blues song: 'All the "love" you've been giving, has all been meant for you.'

They have no integrity whatsoever and they will even condemn the 'system' with their words while using it whenever it suits their greed and vindictiveness.

It is for this reason that we have this personality-type in political power claiming to be honest and speaking the truth ('love and light') when they are lying through their teeth - and know it.

Lying is a fundamental trait of the narcissist. I have seen myself how they can lie with a straight face over and over - just like Obama, Blair and their kind - and then throw a hissing fit if it is ever suggested that they are not telling the truth.

Ever noticed how lying politicians recoil in horror and outrage when it is ever suggested that what they have said is less than honest?

'You are questioning my integrity, how dare you!!'

'But I can't question what you don't have?'

'Oh yes, well there is that.'

The most extreme narcissists lie from such a deep level of their psyche that they actually believe that the lie is true. I have seen these people at close hand, too. It is like someone once said of Tony Blair: 'He believes it when he says it.'

The Control System head-hunts the narcissist and never more so than in the last two decades. A system based on ever more lies must recruit ever more liars.

This has been done systematically by wording job applications to seek out the narcissists. Through this calculated 'regime change', these personality-types have been placed in positions of administration and management throughout the system and so the attitude of authority to the population has changed dramatically in more recent times.

Law-enforcement agencies and the 'extended police family' at all levels are employing these narcissistic personalities at the expense of the 'old school' and this is why the attitude of law enforcement to the population has also become so much more arrogant and authoritarian. Here is a wonderful example of a narcissist in uniform ... The narcissistic ego is so flawed with its unconscious lack of self-esteem that it wallows and glories in having 'power over' to feed its insecurity. It is also, apparently, much more susceptible to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other forms of mind control and manipulation.

Brian Gerrish, a former British naval officer-turned-researcher, is the outstanding expert on this appoint-the-narcissist technique through his long and detailed research of a 'training' organisation called Common Purpose - one of many that have emerged in the last ten years which use these methods of 'recruitment'.

He says that narcissists are identified by using psychometric testing. This is a measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits identified through questionnaires and tests.

It is widely used in job applications throughout the system and is designed to find, not the most competent person for the job, but the 'right type'. This is why you have so many arrogant, cold, robotic and mendacious people within government and law enforcement who are basically incompetent.

Brian Gerrish says of the narcissistic personality:

'Their love of themselves and power automatically means that they will crush others
who get in their way. I received a major piece of the puzzle when a friend pointed out
that when they made public officials re-apply for their own jobs several years ago they were also required to do psychometric tests. This was undoubtedly the start of the screening process to get 'their' sort of people in post.

The picture is getting clearer all the time that they have set up an NLP training network via Common Purpose consultancies and official government bodies such as the Local Government Association ... The thread name and cover is leadership. Aside from achieving control over key individuals and thus control of organisations and society, they are also drawing people into a new hive mind and group think. Those that rebel are rejected and in due course will be eliminated.'

The same is happening all over the world and nowhere more so than in Social Services where narcissists are stealing children from loving parents on a staggering scale. I have seen them at work in the last few weeks and they have to be seen to be believed.

Only this week they were caught out blatantly lying to a mother I was with. It was agreed at a court hearing that she could ring her child for an hour on two designated phone numbers, a mobile and a landline.

Just before the first call, Social Services emailed her to say the mobile had been 'lost' and the landline wasn't working. She was told she had to ring on another mobile number, not one agreed at the court.

Smelling a rat, she refused and rang the landline. It was working perfectly and the woman at the other end said that Social Services had told her that under no circumstances should the child speak to the mother on that (agreed by the court) phone because they wanted to record their conversation on the new mobile they had supplied at the last minute.

A Social Services employee later admitted to my hearing that the idea was to record the conversation and not because the agreed phone wasn't working. These people lie as a matter of course, it's part of the job description.

Another outrageous lie appeared in a Social Services 'report' that said the mother had fabricated evidence of her child's sexual abuse when the evidence provably came from a doctor who examined her.

Hello, Social Services here. Press 'A' and I lie; press 'B' and I manipulate; press 'C' and I lie again. Call me Narcy, and don't press 'D' if you know what's good for you. Do you have any kids?

Those with any sense of justice and decency would not think of doing any of this, but to the cold, calculating narcissist with no capacity for empathy with either mother or child it was a case of anything goes so long as I get the outcome that I want.

That's why they lie so constantly. 'So I lied, so what? I got what I wanted didn't I?' The end always justifies the means with the narcissist and that explains so much about the world and the people behind events, personal, local or global.

Millions killed in a war of acquisition? So what, we got the country didn't we? Three thousand killed on 9/11? So what, we got to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and impose an Orwellian world, didn't we?

Which brings me to the events of this week.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

The release by Wikileaks of more than 90,000 secret military documents recording military incidents and intelligence reports revealed that large numbers of civilians, many of them children, had been killed by the US, UK and other military personnel, but this had never been publicly reported.

Among the catalogue of military terror were French troops firing on a bus full of children; the US patrol that machine-gunned another bus; and the Polish troops who unleashed mortars on a village in an apparent revenge attack that killed a wedding party, including a pregnant woman.

One after another after another the leaked documents tell an horrific tale of mass murder by the forces of 'freedom' and 'liberation'.

These civilian deaths and injuries were coded 'blue on white' incidents and the authorities have hidden the true magnitude of these military murders because, of course, it would outrage public opinion and weaken support for this Rothschild-Illuminati war.

So the narcissists in dark suits and uniforms, with no empathy whatsoever for the victims and their families, simply say: 'The end always justifies the means - censor the truth.'

When these deadly deeds, and their cover-up, were revealed this week, the narcissists reacted in the usual way - trying to turn their fire and condemnation on the messenger in a desperate attempt to hide the message.

A White House spokesman for the pathetic Obama administration did not condemn the civilian deaths and their cover-up, as would be the case with 'Change you can believe in'. He said:

'We strongly condemn the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organisations, which puts the lives of the US and partner service members at risk and threatens our national security.

Wikileaks made no effort to contact the US government about these documents, which may contain information that endanger the lives of Americans, our partners, and local populations who co-operate with us.'

Never mind that they reveal that the lives of civilian Afghans and their children are endangered every day by the crazies running that war - we have been exposed for the liars that we are and so we must target the exposers.

Robert Gates, the Bush and Obama (seamless transition) 'Defence' Secretary, did not condemn the content of the documents and pledge that things would change. He said that a massive search was going on to find the military leaker and the Obama (change and hope) administration told the FBI to find every person responsible.

No, not for killing civilians. For exposing the killing of civilians.

Liars, liars, liars - all of them. Look at the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq alone:

• They lied about the perpetrators of 9/11 to justify the invasion of Afghanistan

• They lied about weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq

• They lied to cover up the fact that the Taliban are an outgrowth of the Mujahideen who were created, funded and armed by the American military and intelligence services

• They lied to cover up the fact that the Iraq invasion was planned years before it happened while Bush and Blair were claiming right to the first shot that they were trying to avoid it

• They lied about 'freeing' the Iraqi people and then leaving the country when a permanent presence was planned from the start

• They have lied about the shocking effect of depleted uranium in their bombs and missiles that have caused cancer and horrendous birth defects on a massive scale

• They have lied about the true scale of civilian deaths and injuries in Afghanistan and also Iraq, where the real number must be shocking.

The narcissist is selfish, self-obsessed, cold and calculating, and they will lie and lie to get their way or hide their dirty deeds. These are the people running the system and that is why the system is selfish, self-obsessed, cold and calculating, and will lie and lie to get its way or hide its dirty deeds.

These are the 'leaders' who send young people to kill other young people, and children, in faraway countries while they sip cocktails in Washington or London.

These are the bankers who make people homeless because they can't pay their mortgage in an economic crash of the bankers' making, and then pay themselves billions in bonuses from government bail-outs with money the people are left to repay.

To understand the narcissistic personality is to understand the people who run the system and those who parasite off others while refusing to earn a living for themselves - like the bail-out bankers. You can see them at work in all levels of society.

It is a cliché these days, but like many such phrases, it is powerfully accurate: You know when narcissists are lying because their lips are moving. So it is, therefore, with Obama, Blair, Al Gore, BP, Goldman Sachs, Social Services, lawyers and all the rest.

If it takes a lie to get what I want - no problem, how many do I need?

So it is not a case that politicians and system-servers lie, as in here and there. They are liars first and truth-tellers, mostly half-truth-tellers, here and there. The truth is their exception - the lie is their norm.

Whenever I hear one of these people speak I always take it to be a lie or not the whole truth until the evidence proves otherwise.


The David Icke Newsletter, August 8th 2010



Hello all ...

The old Beatles song will become increasingly symbolic as the next few years progress ...

Little darling, I see the ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say,

It's alright

Some strange things have been happening with the Sun. We have been through a period in which sunspot activity stopped for longer than any living scientist - or anyone else for that matter - has seen.

Sunspots (intense magnetic reactions on the surface of the Sun) and solar activity in general have experienced a long downward trend for most of the first decade of the new century, far longer than predicted or expected, and Marc Hairston, a space physicist at the University of Texas, said last year: 'This is the lowest we've ever seen. We thought we'd be out of it by now, but we're not.'

The solar wind - streams of particles emitted by the Sun - has also been at its weakest since records began and the Sun's magnetic axis is reported to be 'tilted to an unusual degree'. The Sun is changing and when that happens the Earth must change, too, because the Earth is, like the rest of the solar system, part of the Sun's 'atmosphere', in effect.

This is what makes 'global warming theory' so ludicrous. To suggest that a negligible 'greenhouse gas' like carbon dioxide is driving global temperature changes, and not the Sun, is breathtaking nonsense.

I read one report that explained how, as research continues, scientists are realising that the Sun plays a critical role in controlling our climate. 'Realising'?? What kept them?

In fact, as I report in Human Race Get Off Your Knees, 'scientists' peddling the global warming propaganda have claimed that the Sun has only a 'minor recent effect' on climate change. What?? Emissions from the Sun are constantly affecting the climate, of course they are.

I said in my new book that I expected the Sun to go through an explosive period soon and the effects of that are going to be felt at every level - not least by the human energy field which is connected to the Earth's energy field which, in turn, is connected to the Sun's energy field. We are all, in the end, children of the Sun.

This is not only because energy effects energy, but because this (illusory) 'physical' reality is a hologram and every part of a hologram is a smaller expression of, and fundamentally connected to, the whole hologram.

When a bigger expression of the hologram changes then so do all the smaller holographic levels and so it is the other way, too, which how a whole body can be healed by affecting points on the feet, ears etc., as with acupuncture, reflexology and such like.

As above, so below, and all that stuff - that's how holograms work - and when you see the relative size of the Sun to the Earth the potential effect of the bigger part of the hologram impacting on the smaller is blatantly obvious ...

My research over the last few years has increasingly pointed to the fundamental importance of the Sun in human affairs, not only as the obvious source of warmth and light, but for the very information that we decode into this apparently three-dimensional reality - the hologram.

That research, and the synchronicity or 'language' of life, has also indicated to me that we are going to experience a great deal of major solar activity in the next few years and the events of this week would suggest that the Sun is now starting to 'wake up'.

The Earth was hit by a solar flare - though nothing like as big as they can potentially be. This is what a NASA-connected website says of solar flares and other Sun activity:

'Solar winds are comparable to daily breezes on Earth - mild and steady. Solar flares, however, are like intense storms. The solar flares are much more powerful than solar winds, but they are localized and tend to blast material in just one direction. Flares release a quick burst of energy equivalent to 10 million volcanic eruptions or more than a billion hydrogen bombs.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is the like a hurricane - an energetic storm spread over a large area. A CME is the eruption of a huge bubble of plasma from the corona. A CME usually travels between 400 km/s (1 million miles per hour) and 1000 km/s (2 million miles per hour). A typical eruption can carry a billion tons of plasma, a mass equal to that of 10,000 aircraft carriers. A CME is very directional, blasting material out in a fairly narrow jet that can expand to about 30 million miles.'

Fortunately, we have the Earth's magnetic field to protect us from the most devastating effects of this fantastic energetic bombardment, highlighted by the fact that on the magnetically-unprotected surface of the Moon some of these solar emissions would be fatal.

The Earth's magnetic field protects us from the most extreme effects of the Sun

Sunspot activity flows in cycles from high to low over periods that average just over a decade and it has been virtually non-existent in more recent years.

But when the Sun goes through periods of high activity with sunspots and their associated solar flares and coronal mass ejections, they create immensely powerful magnetic storms that can cause power blackouts, disturb radio and television transmissions, navigation equipment, like compasses, damage satellites and spacecraft and create magnificent displays of coloured lights in the sky, known as auroras, or the northern and southern lights.

The 'northern lights' caused by the interaction of solar plasma and the Earth's magnetic field.

Powerful solar energy brought here by the solar wind or by explosive projections can also change the chemical and electrical make-up of the Earth's atmosphere and effect temperatures and wind patterns.

This week's solar bombardment was significant in that it confirms the Sun is starting to become activate again. Here is a report on what happened on the Sun in the opening days of August ...

Solar flares can fly off in any direction, of course, but this one headed straight for the Earth, making contact on Tuesday and Wednesday, and produced a memorable light display in the form of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

The effect of this solar outburst was colourful rather than disruptive, but I think it could well herald a period of far more intense Sun activity over the next few years and across 2012 and 2013.

The sunspot 'high' period triggers other solar effects and, for example, coronal mass ejections happen around twice a week at the sunspot minimum, but up to four or five times a day at the maximum. Will many be coming our way, that's the question, and how big will they be?

Richard Fischer, head of NASA's Heliophysics Division, said:

'The sun is waking up from a deep slumber, and in the next few years we expect to see much higher levels of solar activity. At the same time, our technological society has developed an unprecedented sensitivity to solar storms.'

Some scientists are even predicting an enormous solar 'attack' in 2012 with potentially catastrophic damage, as reported by Fox News ...

We need to be careful, however, about the hyping of 'Doomsday 2012', because I have no doubt that generating focus and fear about this is part of the Illuminati agenda.

I am sure that many scientists and others are genuine when they predict massive solar effects on the Earth and I also think, as I have said, that the Sun could give us a bumpy ride in these next few years, but I don't do the end-of-the-world stuff. Changing-the-world stuff, yes, but not ending it.

While I am interested in the 'physical' effects of this solar activity, my main focus is on the information effects - the way the Sun has the potential to transform us in mind and awareness as the engine of the awakening.

I have detailed in Human Race Get Off Your Knees how suns are the source of the information that we decode into this collective reality we call 'physical life' in the same way that a desktop or laptop decodes the wireless Internet into the 'physical' World-Wide-Web on the computer screen.

The human body computer does this by decoding vibrational information encoded in the photons emitted by the Sun into electrical, digital and finally holographic form which we experience as the world 'out there'.

But it is not 'out there', it is 'in here', just as the World-Wide-Web is not 'out there' to a computer, it is 'in here' - on its screen.

The human body's genetic and crystalline structure is a fantastic information decoder and this includes the network of 'meridian' energy lines highlighted by acupuncture. The energy flowing through that system, called chi in acupuncture, is photon energy - the energy (information) communicated by the Sun.

I also say in the new book that the base vibration of this reality is emitted from the black holes. In 2008, a 16-year study by German astronomers confirmed that there is a giant black hole at the centre of our galaxy and it is estimated to be 27,000 light years from Earth and four million times bigger than the Sun.

I have seen other scientists and studies suggest that there is a black hole at the centre of every galaxy and that would certainly fit the picture. Dr Robert Massey, from the Royal Astronomical Society, said the results suggest that galaxies form around giant black holes in the way that a pearl forms around grit.

I say that the resonance from the black holes causes information to be emitted by the suns in the form of photons and as the resonance changes so the information changes.

As this information is decoded through the body-computer, it is experienced in holographic reality as the world moving through different epochs, what are known in Asia as 'yugas'. These are periods of very different experience within the holographic 'Time Loop' that is created by the resonance completing its cycle and going back to the start.

The resonance from the black holes vibrates through its cycle in the no-time NOW, but in the decoded realm of holographic form it appears to manifest as a sequence of events moving, as the information changes, from the 'past', through the 'present' to the 'future'.

Some of the most challenging, chaotic and exciting periods of this Grand Cycle come when one epoch - one information source - is being replaced by another and that's where we are now.

The world has been through an information epoch or yuga that offered the opportunity to experience suppression and limitation and now we are entering a 'new heaven and new earth' - a part of the cycle that is about the expansion of awareness and consciousnesses and the end of suppression and limitation.

At the moment the two information sources are operating together as the base resonance changes from one vibration to another. Hence you have, in the same 'world', ever-increasing numbers of people awakening to a new view of self and reality (tuning to the emerging new information construct) while others stay fast, even faster, asleep (tuning to the old and 'dying' information construct).

Parting of the ways: Which do you choose?

Different levels of resonance 'unlock' different levels of information and a new vibration is being resonated from the black holes which is causing another level of information to be emitted by the Sun - what I have called since 1990, the 'Truth Vibrations'.

This process is going to gather pace rapidly in the next few years as the new vibrational/information epoch replaces the old and that is why I am so interested in what is happening, and will happen, with the Sun.

Physical effects will be, as always, a manifestation of the vibrational/information effects and while the scientific focus is, as always, on the realm of the 'seen', my own is on the impact of the Sun on the 'unseen' - human awareness and consciousness.

For those prepared to let go of old beliefs, thought patterns and pre-conceived ideas, there is an incredible adventure awaiting them as the Truth Vibrations march on in this coming period.

As the song says:

Little darling, I see the ice is slowly melting

Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say,

It's alright

Yes, it is indeed ...alright.