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The David Icke Newsletter, August 1st 2010


Hello all ...

It is one of those 'everybody knows thats' - politicians and governments lie. It is the stablemate of 'never believe what you read in the papers'.

Funny thing is, though, that people do believe what they read in the papers - including most of the very 'worldly-wise' who say that we shouldn't.

'Don't believe what you read' so often becomes 'Well, there's no smoke without fire - all the papers can't all be wrong.' Oh, but they can. Especially when they are all getting their 'information' from the same - mostly official - sources.

What's more, these 'sources' are addicted to lying. It's a drug to them. Lying is what they 'do'. It's their job. It is what they are paid for.

'What do you do?'

'I am a professional liar.'

'Oh, really, what government do you work for?'

Tony B-liar - a classic narcissist, just like Obama

It's not only politicians, either. The whole system lies. It is founded on lies, feeds off lies and perpetuates itself through lying.

What else do we expect when the system is founded on a lie - the one that says we live in a free world where the people are dictating events through their 'democratic choice'? All the other lies come from that.

The common denominator in all this is the personality-type known as 'narcissistic'. This is defined as: 'excessive admiration of oneself ... a psychological condition characterised by extreme self-preoccupation, lack of empathy and unconscious deficits in self-esteem'.

I have had narcissistic personalities in my own life over the years and I have seen how they always put themselves first, last and always without empathy or feelings for those who suffer the consequences of their actions.

I know how selfish, self-obsessed, cold and calculating they can be while claiming to be 'love and light'. It is summed up by that line in a Moody Blues song: 'All the "love" you've been giving, has all been meant for you.'

They have no integrity whatsoever and they will even condemn the 'system' with their words while using it whenever it suits their greed and vindictiveness.

It is for this reason that we have this personality-type in political power claiming to be honest and speaking the truth ('love and light') when they are lying through their teeth - and know it.

Lying is a fundamental trait of the narcissist. I have seen myself how they can lie with a straight face over and over - just like Obama, Blair and their kind - and then throw a hissing fit if it is ever suggested that they are not telling the truth.

Ever noticed how lying politicians recoil in horror and outrage when it is ever suggested that what they have said is less than honest?

'You are questioning my integrity, how dare you!!'

'But I can't question what you don't have?'

'Oh yes, well there is that.'

The most extreme narcissists lie from such a deep level of their psyche that they actually believe that the lie is true. I have seen these people at close hand, too. It is like someone once said of Tony Blair: 'He believes it when he says it.'

The Control System head-hunts the narcissist and never more so than in the last two decades. A system based on ever more lies must recruit ever more liars.

This has been done systematically by wording job applications to seek out the narcissists. Through this calculated 'regime change', these personality-types have been placed in positions of administration and management throughout the system and so the attitude of authority to the population has changed dramatically in more recent times.

Law-enforcement agencies and the 'extended police family' at all levels are employing these narcissistic personalities at the expense of the 'old school' and this is why the attitude of law enforcement to the population has also become so much more arrogant and authoritarian. Here is a wonderful example of a narcissist in uniform ... The narcissistic ego is so flawed with its unconscious lack of self-esteem that it wallows and glories in having 'power over' to feed its insecurity. It is also, apparently, much more susceptible to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other forms of mind control and manipulation.

Brian Gerrish, a former British naval officer-turned-researcher, is the outstanding expert on this appoint-the-narcissist technique through his long and detailed research of a 'training' organisation called Common Purpose - one of many that have emerged in the last ten years which use these methods of 'recruitment'.

He says that narcissists are identified by using psychometric testing. This is a measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits identified through questionnaires and tests.

It is widely used in job applications throughout the system and is designed to find, not the most competent person for the job, but the 'right type'. This is why you have so many arrogant, cold, robotic and mendacious people within government and law enforcement who are basically incompetent.

Brian Gerrish says of the narcissistic personality:

'Their love of themselves and power automatically means that they will crush others
who get in their way. I received a major piece of the puzzle when a friend pointed out
that when they made public officials re-apply for their own jobs several years ago they were also required to do psychometric tests. This was undoubtedly the start of the screening process to get 'their' sort of people in post.

The picture is getting clearer all the time that they have set up an NLP training network via Common Purpose consultancies and official government bodies such as the Local Government Association ... The thread name and cover is leadership. Aside from achieving control over key individuals and thus control of organisations and society, they are also drawing people into a new hive mind and group think. Those that rebel are rejected and in due course will be eliminated.'

The same is happening all over the world and nowhere more so than in Social Services where narcissists are stealing children from loving parents on a staggering scale. I have seen them at work in the last few weeks and they have to be seen to be believed.

Only this week they were caught out blatantly lying to a mother I was with. It was agreed at a court hearing that she could ring her child for an hour on two designated phone numbers, a mobile and a landline.

Just before the first call, Social Services emailed her to say the mobile had been 'lost' and the landline wasn't working. She was told she had to ring on another mobile number, not one agreed at the court.

Smelling a rat, she refused and rang the landline. It was working perfectly and the woman at the other end said that Social Services had told her that under no circumstances should the child speak to the mother on that (agreed by the court) phone because they wanted to record their conversation on the new mobile they had supplied at the last minute.

A Social Services employee later admitted to my hearing that the idea was to record the conversation and not because the agreed phone wasn't working. These people lie as a matter of course, it's part of the job description.

Another outrageous lie appeared in a Social Services 'report' that said the mother had fabricated evidence of her child's sexual abuse when the evidence provably came from a doctor who examined her.

Hello, Social Services here. Press 'A' and I lie; press 'B' and I manipulate; press 'C' and I lie again. Call me Narcy, and don't press 'D' if you know what's good for you. Do you have any kids?

Those with any sense of justice and decency would not think of doing any of this, but to the cold, calculating narcissist with no capacity for empathy with either mother or child it was a case of anything goes so long as I get the outcome that I want.

That's why they lie so constantly. 'So I lied, so what? I got what I wanted didn't I?' The end always justifies the means with the narcissist and that explains so much about the world and the people behind events, personal, local or global.

Millions killed in a war of acquisition? So what, we got the country didn't we? Three thousand killed on 9/11? So what, we got to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and impose an Orwellian world, didn't we?

Which brings me to the events of this week.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

The release by Wikileaks of more than 90,000 secret military documents recording military incidents and intelligence reports revealed that large numbers of civilians, many of them children, had been killed by the US, UK and other military personnel, but this had never been publicly reported.

Among the catalogue of military terror were French troops firing on a bus full of children; the US patrol that machine-gunned another bus; and the Polish troops who unleashed mortars on a village in an apparent revenge attack that killed a wedding party, including a pregnant woman.

One after another after another the leaked documents tell an horrific tale of mass murder by the forces of 'freedom' and 'liberation'.

These civilian deaths and injuries were coded 'blue on white' incidents and the authorities have hidden the true magnitude of these military murders because, of course, it would outrage public opinion and weaken support for this Rothschild-Illuminati war.

So the narcissists in dark suits and uniforms, with no empathy whatsoever for the victims and their families, simply say: 'The end always justifies the means - censor the truth.'

When these deadly deeds, and their cover-up, were revealed this week, the narcissists reacted in the usual way - trying to turn their fire and condemnation on the messenger in a desperate attempt to hide the message.

A White House spokesman for the pathetic Obama administration did not condemn the civilian deaths and their cover-up, as would be the case with 'Change you can believe in'. He said:

'We strongly condemn the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organisations, which puts the lives of the US and partner service members at risk and threatens our national security.

Wikileaks made no effort to contact the US government about these documents, which may contain information that endanger the lives of Americans, our partners, and local populations who co-operate with us.'

Never mind that they reveal that the lives of civilian Afghans and their children are endangered every day by the crazies running that war - we have been exposed for the liars that we are and so we must target the exposers.

Robert Gates, the Bush and Obama (seamless transition) 'Defence' Secretary, did not condemn the content of the documents and pledge that things would change. He said that a massive search was going on to find the military leaker and the Obama (change and hope) administration told the FBI to find every person responsible.

No, not for killing civilians. For exposing the killing of civilians.

Liars, liars, liars - all of them. Look at the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq alone:

• They lied about the perpetrators of 9/11 to justify the invasion of Afghanistan

• They lied about weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq

• They lied to cover up the fact that the Taliban are an outgrowth of the Mujahideen who were created, funded and armed by the American military and intelligence services

• They lied to cover up the fact that the Iraq invasion was planned years before it happened while Bush and Blair were claiming right to the first shot that they were trying to avoid it

• They lied about 'freeing' the Iraqi people and then leaving the country when a permanent presence was planned from the start

• They have lied about the shocking effect of depleted uranium in their bombs and missiles that have caused cancer and horrendous birth defects on a massive scale

• They have lied about the true scale of civilian deaths and injuries in Afghanistan and also Iraq, where the real number must be shocking.

The narcissist is selfish, self-obsessed, cold and calculating, and they will lie and lie to get their way or hide their dirty deeds. These are the people running the system and that is why the system is selfish, self-obsessed, cold and calculating, and will lie and lie to get its way or hide its dirty deeds.

These are the 'leaders' who send young people to kill other young people, and children, in faraway countries while they sip cocktails in Washington or London.

These are the bankers who make people homeless because they can't pay their mortgage in an economic crash of the bankers' making, and then pay themselves billions in bonuses from government bail-outs with money the people are left to repay.

To understand the narcissistic personality is to understand the people who run the system and those who parasite off others while refusing to earn a living for themselves - like the bail-out bankers. You can see them at work in all levels of society.

It is a cliché these days, but like many such phrases, it is powerfully accurate: You know when narcissists are lying because their lips are moving. So it is, therefore, with Obama, Blair, Al Gore, BP, Goldman Sachs, Social Services, lawyers and all the rest.

If it takes a lie to get what I want - no problem, how many do I need?

So it is not a case that politicians and system-servers lie, as in here and there. They are liars first and truth-tellers, mostly half-truth-tellers, here and there. The truth is their exception - the lie is their norm.

Whenever I hear one of these people speak I always take it to be a lie or not the whole truth until the evidence proves otherwise.

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